foster kittens

boris and natasha are almost ready for their forever homes!

I expect that my two adorable, cuddly, playful, litter-trained, three-month-old foster kittens, Boris and Natasha, will be ready for adoption Thursday of next week (August 16). They came to me for foster around June 20 (bad foster mama didn't note the date) to get socialized (SO HISSY) and to recover from upper-respiratory infections and goopy eyes. They are healthy and affectionate now and will be perfect pets for someone. They have spent little bits of time with my barky opinionated dog and my friendly cat and are delighted with both of them. I hope they go together; kittens need to have a playmate at home! They will be adoptable through Humane Animal Rescue (the shelter on Hamilton Avenue at Dallas Avenue). The adoption fee includes the kitten, fully vetted and up to date on shots, microchipped, and spayed (Natasha) or neutered (Boris), plus the toys they've loved while in foster and my lifetime support and advice whenever you need it. If you are interested in both but can afford only one adoption fee, I will pay the other one for the right home.

They are both blue (gray). Natasha is darker, a graphite color, with no white but slightly visible tabby patterning in darker gray. Boris is a bit lighter than Natasha and has a wee white locket (white spot on his throat) and a white tip on his tail. His tabby patterning is more visible and looks like cinnamon swirl (if cinnamon were dark gray).

There are loads of photos and some video on Instagram @wordgirrl and @pghtails. If you're not on Instagram, you can see some on Twitter @pghtails as well!

If you're interested in meeting them, please contact me and we'll set something up! If no one arranges before then to adopt them, they'll go to the shelter Wednesday, have surgery Thursday, and be on the adoption floor Thursday evening or Friday morning.


I think that my biggest challenge with Boris and Natasha has been trying to give them meds while also teaching them that human contact is the best thing ever. Being picked up is hard to get used to, and having it end with being held still against your will to have eyedrops plunked into your eyes and a syringe with icky stuff forced into your mouth is just plain rude. They hate it. They fight it. I have to wrap them partially in a little burp cloth to keep from getting clawed *too* badly. And yes, they still need meds. Their little eyes are goopy and red, with the inner lid showing quite a bit sometimes. They sneeze frequently, spraying wet little droplets on me. And poor Natasha has developed some terrible diarrhea. I had to put chux pads down all over the floor, sofa, playpen, and condo so i would have a little less cleanup to do (which had been constant).

I did find a little trick to make it a little easier for them to tolerate me. I keep their food and water in the condo, and that's the only place they get them. I keep the condo doors latched except for one, right by the sofa. When they both go in, if it's anywhere near time for meds (these are twice daily), i stealthily but quickly close the one open door so they are locked in. Then I can prep their meds without them running to hide and then carefully take one out, do the meds, release that one, and repeat with the other. I like this system because it's not teaching them anything negative, like that it's not safe to go to the litter boxes, which are in the playpen, or to be near me (because I never grab them to do meds while they are just out and about in the room).

The hooray for today is that I had to restart the meds after a few days off and had worried that they would backslide into fearfulness after we'd really gotten to a good place with snuggling, petting, and approaching. They've stopped being hand-shy, pretty much, and they both climb on me for snuggles and snuggle up next to me while I'm working. I didn't want that to stop. But I gave them their first doses this morning, and almost immediately after, they were both purring and approaching me for pets. Hooray! I can medicate them properly now (ten days!) and get them well again for surgery so they can find their forever home (or homes).

And yes, that's really the biggest challenge for me: letting them go at the end. I do get so attached. 

Sweetest snuggles

last night one of the kittens—it was too dark to tell which, but I think that the purr sounded like Natasha’s—gave me the sweetest snuggle session when I laid down to sleep. She climbed up tentatively onto my chest and then settled in up against my chin. She was batting gently at my face and my hand when I petted her, flopping over for new positions, and purring like crazy. It lasted for a really long time (half an hour? An hour?) before she hopped up to the back of the sofa for the night. This was the longest either of them had allowed contact, let alone initiated it. Heaven. 


because it was too dark to get a photo or video, I offer you some photos of them during a recent day. 



this morning the kittens are VERY ANGERY because i locked their cage when they were both inside it. they haven't had that happen for at least a week, i think, but today is their vet check and having them already confined without a hiding place makes getting them into a carrier much easier and less traumatic for everyone involved. but natasha hissed at me when i crouched down to move their dry food, water, and kitty pod in there with them. SO ANGERY.