Luxo and jack-jack

My senior cat jack-jack is snuggled up on me in bed. I don’t think that this has happened more than a couple of times in the 12 years we’ve had him, and those were when it was really cold out.
I think he’s missing luxo.
luxo was the first creature jack-jack ever took a real liking to. By the end of luxo’s life, jack-jack was his shadow, following him everywhere, snuggling up beside him, grooming and marking him. And jack-jack was the only cat luxo tolerated, let alone snuggled with.
We put luxo down a few weeks back. At 16, he had lived a long life for a 60-pound dog. And his body was failing him in ways that were making him isolated and unhappy. Losing him has been hard on all of us; he was a great dog. But my husband and jack-jack are taking it the hardest. Jack-jack now stays close to Fred and Tarkas, more than he ever has before. The three of them curl up on three towels we’ve folded and placed on the big radiator in the kitchen bay window and watch the world and sleep.
So feeling jack-jack snuggling hard up against me and right next to Fred feels pretty wonderful. I hope you’re having a good night (or morning) wherever you are.
P.S. you might notice that it’s been a very long time since I posted. My use for social media is primarily to promote my foster kittens, and a tiny-readership blog isn’t a great way to do that. But I’ve had some really negative experiences on social media lately, leading me to stop posting and reacting almost ever other than notifications or posting video or photos of my fosters. Combine that with an overall surge of purging in my life right now, resulting in leaving loads of social-media groups, unsubscribing from email lists, deleting apps, and otherwise simplifying where I can, and you have few options for written self-expression or reflection. Hence the blog. Enjoy.