losing and finding pets (episode 1)

The first episode of the podcast, which I hope to post in January 2019, will be about losing and finding pets: what to do if you find an animal, what to do if you lose one, what if the animal is hurt or dead, and every resource I can find. Most of the content is still being drafted, but I'm sharing the resource list I'm compiling as I go.

if you lose a pet

share widely

  • share on social-media sites (see “resources”)

  • put a sign in your front yard: “dog lost. inquire within.”

  • contact local veterinary offices and clinics.

  • post flyers throughout the neighborhood where it was last seen. put them in ziploc gallon-sized bags with the zip at the bottom and hang them at all intersections in a five-mile radius from where he was last spotted (but in concentric circles, from the place last seen outward).

  • distribute flyers door to door throughout the neighborhood where it was lost.

for all shares

  • wherever you share it, include where it was last seen. be as specific as is safe (i.e., not a specific address; a neighborhood is sufficient usually, but, in neighborhood-specific contexts, a cross street or other landmark is helpful).

  • update all the posts at least daily and when the animal is found.

  • include at least one good photo (good = shows the face or full body or both).

  • indicate what action you want someone to take if they see the animal. approach? call a number?

  • every notice should say “LOST” and have a good photo and a number that answers 24/7.

  • contact local law enforcement (police or sheriff) with jurisdiction over where the animal was last seen.


Below is a list of online resources I've begun. Please let me know if I'm missing any or have incorrect information. Note that the names are copied exactly as they appear on Facebook.

facebook groups

other online resources